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Why iTecchurately is a Quality IT Services Firm?

A good IT services company can have different interpretations for different people. From a client’s perspective, a quality IT services organization always provide clients excellent services and products. A business owner looking to develop his website or software for financial management needs trusted and reputable services to boost their efficiency and revenues. Let us discuss why iTecchurately possess several characteristics of a quality IT services firm in Pakistan which ranks us among successful companies.

Our Portfolio

iTecchurately operates with Proper Planning

Business legend Tim Cook says that “good businesses always need good plans”. In order to make a business successful, an IT company should not have a complex plan. The company considers several aspects of clients including their finances, infrastructure, marketing strategies, and produce needs to arrive at a software plan that accurately suits their needs. We define our processes strategically and using our strong and positive leadership, we make the best decisions to serve our clients.

We Stay Focused on Client’s Success

Growing a successful IT business firm starts with developing genuine concern for our clients; we focus on the goals of clients and what they aim to achieve using our services. We constantly provide robust new products and IT services to our global clients without sacrificing quality and customer services. Moreover, our experienced professionals are better able to take a few risks to help us do our business better.

Inspire a Great Culture

iTecchurately is a quality firm because our leaders increase motivation of our teams to strictly help clients achieve success. We possess a love of IT products and technologies and pass the right inspiration to the employees to help them work with their fullest potentials. Therefore, iTeccurately is a serious organization which reflects in its company culture.

Effective Communication with Clients and Feedback

Success of an IT company depends on managing and creating effective communication with its clients. iTecchurately understands that its customer’s are king, who is why; we treat them and listen to their needs with utmost respect. Our employees are trained to provide the best customer service to clients and answer their related queries on time. Therefore, we help our clients by raising their social awareness and develop a positive image in their eyes.

Accurate Use of Technology and Resources

Gone are the days when companies used expensive marketing channels to boost their success. iTecchurately professionals are always aware of new technological developments and embrace technologies which help their clients get the best solutions.


We aim to help our clients with the best use of their time and money; we increase the operational efficiency of our firm by investing in technologies which satisfy our customers.

Flawless Customer Services

Excellent customer services are key to IT Company’s success.


It is important to understand customers who wish to stick with us for a long time; we provide excellent customer services and answer all the questions and queries of our customers 24/7.

Our Team

Hatem Al Amoudi

Hatem Al Amoudi

Abdul Waris

Abdul Waris

Chief Technical Officer
Kashif Khan

Kashif Khan

Chief Operating Officer
Sarang Soomro

Sarang Soomro

Sales Director