Fortinet Firewall

Fortinet Firewall

With Fortinet, you can protect your network.

Providing a valuable, flexible platform on which to establish a highly distinctive security practice that uses the best solutions in the market to promote customer success.

Benefits of Fortinet

  • Easy to Use: With the use of a Graphical User Interface, you can effortlessly deploy and administer your system (GUI)
  • Control Your Applications: More granular and accurate protection is provided by combining application restriction with identity and device-based policy enforcement.
  • Cost Efficient: A cost-effective solution with a broad set of UTM features (Antivirus, Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, VPN, etc.)

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Complete range of firewalls available for Small, Medium & Enterprises

It might be difficult to choose the correct firewall for your company’s needs, size, and type, especially if you are not a tech specialist. Here are some of the best enterprise firewalls that Trade Genic uses.

  • Cisco ASA: The Cisco ASA is a hardware firewall that protects both individual office devices and the entire business network. The solution adds many checkpoints to your network firewall security to ensure that your network and online interactions are fully protected.

For medium and large businesses with distant offices, Iteccurately provides the Cisco ASA firewall as an excellent complement.

  • FortiGate: FortiGate is one of the most feature-rich and adaptable firewalls available, offering complete Unified Threat Management (UTM) services and network protection. Switches, routers, servers, and computers can all be connected to the enterprise firewall with ease.

Advanced security protection services such as improved threat protection, online filtering, Intrusion Prevention Systems, and application management are all available through the FortiGate firewall.

  • Firewalla: Firewalla is a third-party enterprise firewall that works in conjunction with your PC’s pre-installed security software. The gadget functions as a filter, preventing harmful traffic and malware from entering your company’s internal network. Furthermore, the Trade Genic firewall offers a content filtering feature that allows you to select which websites your system’s users can access.
  • Palo Alto Networks: Because your cloud storage system is not part of your internal network, most enterprise firewalls do not protect it. The Palo Alto Networks firewall, on the other hand, creates a virtualized network that includes your cloud storage and uses site-to-site VPN tunnels to provide trustworthy protection for your company’s important data in the cloud.

Trade Genic provides Palo Alto which is an ideal firewall for small enterprises that use cloud-based file-sharing services such as Apple iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Fortinet Certified Engineers

IT Services, Security Services, Server Virtualization, Desktop Virtualization, Managed Services, and Development are all areas where our skilled engineers excel.

The Fortinet Certified Engineer is an important part of the Trade Genic infrastructure and is responsible for providing excellent technical assistance to our customers.

Complimentary deployment with local support

Iteccurately Firewall Fortinet solutions provide important services, and any problems must be resolved swiftly to maintain security and business continuity. For 24×7 support and rapid issue resolution, we offer Fortinet technical support and return merchandise (RMA) services on a per-device basis. Flexible support options allow your company to maximize uptime, security, and performance-based on your specific needs.

All Fortinet products and services are supported by Iteccurately support packages, which provide global assistance. Iteccurately’s first goal is customer happiness and responsiveness. Customers can be certain that their Fortinet security devices are working at their best and protecting their corporate assets with the greatest security technology at the best pricing.

Contact us for pricing

Obtaining an effective Firewall as a top-tier vendor, Iteccurately’s Firewall Fortinet pricing can be difficult to come by.

You can also speak with us for pricing if you have a query about contracts, licenses, product registration, or account administration.

Please go to Iteccurately’s support portal for technical assistance, where a support engineer is waiting to help you. For urgent issues, please submit a ticket through the support portal and attach diagnostic data, then phone us at the numbers listed above for immediate assistance.

Fast Hardware delivery & renewal process

The technical support services provided by Fortinet Firewall are designed to help you avoid difficulties and recover swiftly. With per-device support contracts, standard same-day-ship RMA services are included. For rapid replacement of defective hardware and secure RMA, premium RMA options are provided across the portfolio.

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